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VERDENT is one and the only Polish manufacturer of dental diamond and carbide burs, laboratory burs, diamond machine tools and dental titanium instruments. Reaching and maintaining the highest standards is our priority. We have a team of highly qualified engineers that are supervising each and every stage of production. Due to a very strict quality control we are able to achieve the highest quality and durability of our products. We are constantly widening our product range in order to adjust to our Customer’s needs.

Quality is our top priority: Carefully selected suppliers of raw materials provide us materials of the highest parameters. We have very modern, constantly upgraded production lines and we keep up to date with the latest technology. High quality products and Customers satisfaction are our number priorities.

Production and Control

  • Production in accordance
    with European standards
  • Production line with the newest
  • Compliance with European norms
  • Qualified engineers


  • Swiss quality shanks
  • Quality control on every
    production stage
  • Modern measuring instruments
  • Full manufacturer’s responsibility

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