New in Verdent offer- innovative dental bur CB1SNX with ZRN layer (PVD), guarantees biocompatibility and decreases overheating. 

The bur has a slim neck and extra crosscuts on the working part, which provides faster and more controlled work with better view while preparing the dentin. 

Less overheating effect and less vibrations, thanks to the crosscuts. 


- Slim neck for better view

- ZRN layer (PVD) minimalizes overheating effect.

-Smooth and precise word thanks to the extra crosscuts.

-Available sizes from 010-023 in standard version and longer version

-Longer lifetime

Hall 3, stand 3A25A

stand 732

Hall 2.2, F028-G029

stand 3G 07


stand 318

stand 1701

Hall 2, stand S33

Hall 5, S113.1

stand 8a.B24