The VERDENT DIGITAL series offers various lines of cutters for processing prosthetic materials in milling machines of the most popular CAD/CAM manufacturers.

The series includes instruments made of high-quality materials - fine-grained tungsten carbides covered with state-of-the-art coatings - allowing for long and precise work.

V-PURE - to produce this line of V-PURE base instruments, we use tungsten carbide from renowned German and Swiss manufacturers, guaranteeing high quality and durability. The single- and double-edge V-PURE cutters are primarily used for processing PMMA, PEEK and wax.

T-DIA - the graphite-gray nanocoating of the T-DIA line using chemical vapor deposition (CVD) technology creates multifunctional tools that offer the highest level of effective work. T-DIA two- and three-edge tools are the best choice for machining zirconium oxide.

V-AMB - amber-gold coating prepared in HiPIMS technology allows for effective work at high temperatures without losing the cutting properties of the tools. The four-edge milling cutters in the V-AMB line are designed for machining chrome, cobalt and titanium alloys.

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