VERDENT has been on the market since 2004 and is the only Polish manufacturer of dental and prosthetic burs and cutters.

Our offer includes:

  • diamond burs,
  • carbide burs (roses, finishing burs, crown cutters),
  • endodontic burs,
  • surgical burs,
  • laboratory burs and cutters,
  • burs for CAD/CAM systems.

Thanks to continuous development and the hard work of numerous experts, we have been providing our customers with products of the highest standard of quality and durability for over twenty years. Remaining indifferent to your expectations, suggestions and needs, we are constantly expanding the range of our products. Closely observing trends and changes taking place on dental markets allows us to provide you with products at the highest, world-class level. Using EU funding, we implement new technological solutions that enable our company to take a place among the leading manufacturers of dental tools in the world.


Recently, our offer includes burs with PVD coatings. We offer our clients the following types of coatings:

DLC coating with diamond-like carbon layer
ZRN zirconium nitride coating
SPH diamond-like coating with "sapphire shade"

Products with PVD coatings:

  • achieve higher cutting speeds, which means they require less work effort than uncoated burs,
  • are more durable - work is more economical,
  • do not cause as high temperatures during operation as burs without coatings - reducing the effect of overheating,
  • are better protected against disinfection and sterilization processes,
  • guarantee better biocompatibility, ensuring greater safety during work.

For us, the most important thing is quality, which is why at each stage of production we subject our products to detailed inspection, checking their parameters using the highest quality control and measurement equipment. Annual audits check and confirm the maximum quality of both products and the production process itself.

Our ambition and goal is to constantly expand the group of satisfied customers, therefore we invite you to mutual cooperation.


For several years, VERDENT has been successfully expanding into global markets. Our products are present on almost every continent, in nearly 120 countries. We participate in the most important trade fairs where we meet both distributors and retail customers, as well as recognized personalities from the dental industry.

Such meetings often result in new products and innovative solutions. You can find the current list of events we are going to here.

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