Alt Manufacturer of dental burs
and laboratory cutters
Thanks to continuous development and the hard work of numerous experts, we have been providing our customers with products of the highest standard of quality and durability for over twenty years.

Pionieer of the Polish Dental Tool Industry
since 2004

As the Leader of the Polish Dental Tools Industry for over twenty years, we have proudly walked the path of excellence. A long history and a very good reputation are testimony to our continuous commitment to providing customers with the highest quality dental and prosthetic tools. The vision of innovation and constant attention to the highest standards are the foundation of our company.

Alt 15 million burs per year We produce 15 million burs per year. We focus on constantly improving our offer through technological innovations. Recently, we have introduced burs and cutters with advanced PVD coatings, including DLC (diamond-like carbon coating), ZRN (zirconium nitride coating) and SHP (sapphire diamond-like coating). Alt Certificates We have implemented an integrated management system for the production and sale of dental burs in accordance with the PN-EN ISO 9001:2015-10 and the PN-EN ISO 13485:2016-04 standards, our products also have the EC certificate No. 1434-MDD-121/2021 for medical products. Alt Presence on World Markets VERDENT has been dynamically developing its presence on global markets for several years. Our products are present on almost every continent, in nearly 120 countries. We regularly participate in the most important industry events and trade fairs, where we meet with distributors, retail customers and renowned personalities from the world of dentistry.

Diamond burs
Precise and reliable tools that have gained recognition among professionals in the dental industry.

Carbide burs
The extended lines of burs include roses, finishers and precise crown cutters.

Endodontic burs
We offer advanced tools for performing complex endodontic treatments.

Surgical burs
Extremely precise tools that significantly support the performance during difficult surgical procedures.

Laboratory burs and cutters
Advanced product line for dental technicians.

Burs for CAD/CAM systems
The tools are designed to integrate with the latest technologies in dentistry.

Innovative burs
A product line offering PVD coatings.

Why is it worth choosing burs with PVD coatings from VERDENT?

Higher cutting speeds

The tools enable effective work, which translates into less effort during treatments.

Greater durability

The use of our coatings extends the life of burs and protects them against disinfection and sterilization processes. 

Lower operating temperature

Reduces the risk of overheating, resulting in exceptional performance.

Safety while working

Our coatings guarantee better biocompatibility of tools, ensuring greater safety during work.


Please contact us by e-mail, we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Please contact us by e-mail, we will be happy to answer all your questions.


Please contact us by e-mail, we will be happy to answer all your questions.


CAD/CAM technology is revolutionizing the production of prosthetic works, introducing unrivaled precision in the creation process. Our systems enable the construction of restorations from materials such as titanium, chrome cobalt, zirconium oxide, porcelain, ceramics, and innovative composite materials. The results of laboratory trials confirm not only the high durability but also the impressive mechanical strength of the restorations manufactured using our systems.

We raise the standards of precision in dentistry by introducing revolutionary innovations in the production of burs and cutters.

A word from the owner

As a company, we give priority to the quality of our burs and cutters. Therefore, at every stage of production, we subject the tools to rigorous inspections, using the most modern measuring equipment. Top-class quality control guarantees the perfection of both our products and production processes.

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